TMB was started in 2004 by an individual who found a need in the system to help

people that required off the shelf blinds cutting and installation as a means to satisfy

a niche market for those who could not do it themselves.

Was only ever intended to be a word of mouth industry and since then

TMB grew to be the most popular mobile cutting and installation provider

available, and still remains the only mobile service to date.

The business was closed down in 2012 and yet continued to be in great demand.

TMB reviews are still the highest ever which are linked to

and as yet has not been equaled by any other. We are now able to continue

the service provided with a hand shake agreement with its originator operator

on the basis we honour the unequaled workmanship, professionalism and

continue to provide the same great service as was offered then as we

have acquired all the equipment used to complete the jobs.



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