To grow a market place for this type of business,

it was found that door to door operations would prove

to be more efficient and practical. More could be done

for the client in one single day. It has been said, the original

operator could cut and install on average 25 blinds per day

which included full alterations comfortably.

Now if you think that is remarkable, the best day was 37

which is unbelievable. Think of it, on average a home has

about 25 windows including sliding doors, all done in one

day, and that’s the beauty of this service –

off the shelf one day, cut and installed the next.

48 hours from purchase to installed!

We wish to maintain the same LEVEL of service by offering

the door to door cutting and installation mobile agreement,

we come to you, simple as 1,2,3... TMB will continue to service

all the areas listed which encompasses a 300km radius from the

Perth GPO. Cannot be fairer than that, can we ?


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